Women’s Home Coming Soon!

Some exciting events have developed for us regarding Welcome Homes and Circles of Support! We will be managing a permanent supportive sober house for women coming out of prison/jail and treatment programs beginning August 1, 2016. You Have The Power will provide the circle of support for the women as they transition back into the community and keep living a crime free and sober life.

So what does this mean for YHTP? It means we will provide a Circle of Support training starting in July. If you’re interested in attending the training and volunteering to support these women please apply online at https://www.volgistics.com/ex/portal.dll/ap?ap=1172870838.

This also means we will be collecting donations to furnish the house. Instead of selling your items during this garage sale season, please consider donating gently used furniture, couches, chairs, dining room table/chairs, beds, dressers, pots/pans, dishes, utensils, serving dishes, coffee maker, toaster, small appliances, TV, lamps, end tables, hangers, sheets, towels, shower curtains, curtains and curtain rods, waste baskets or pictures – anything to make a house feel like a home. In return we will give you a receipt to receive a tax deduction much like how Goodwill does it.

We look forward to partnering with you as we support these women live a thriving life!


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