Abuse Proof Your Kid

abuseproofcircleIdeal for: parents, relatives of underage children, teachers, childcare providers and youth workers

Statistics show that 1 in 4 girls and 1 and 6 boys will be sexually abused by the time they are 18 years old. Statistics also show that about 90% of all abuse is by someone the victim knows. Furthermore only about 25% of these offenses are reported let alone brought to justice.

These statistics are staggering so why aren’t we reporting more? Why aren’t the parents, relatives, teachers, childcare providers and youth workers speaking up against individuals who may be offending? We see the anti-bullying campaigns where adults and peers are standing up against bullies. Why aren’t we standing up against sexual offending behaviors?

One reason is we don’t want to ruin the suspected offender’s life, family, career or reputation. Another reason is, as parents and bystanders, we don’t know what  to look for or what to do if we do suspect or witness inappropriate behavior. Still another reason is culturally sexual abuse is perceived to be unpreventable and inevitable, but that’s a myth. You have the power to prevent sexual abuse and in this training you will learn from those who have been sexually abused and who have offended sexually about:

  • What sexual abuse is and isn’t
  • The impact of sexual abuse
  • The types of abusers
  • How to raise a sexually healthy child
  • What makes a child an easy target
  • What makes a child not tell
  • Steps to make a child a harder target
  • How to talk to kids about sexual abuse
  • How to teach kids to trust themselves
  • How to empower kids
  • How to break the silence/secrecy
  • Identify questionable behavior
  • Internet safety
  • How to confront behavior
  • How to report, where to report and what to say

Because getting caught is the best predictor to prevent further harm! Come, learn, and become an active participant in the lives of the children and young adults in your life to prevent sexual abuse.

Yes, I want to invest 8 hours and $25.00 to keep my children safe from sexual abuse!

Our next event is October 29th at Northfield United Methodist Church, 1411 Maple Street, Northfield MN 55057
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