Whether you give of your time as a volunteer, donate items to Welcome Homes, or give monetarily, your support means:

  • Communities are safer
  • Victims find justice and healing
  • Relationships and organizations are healthier

Your donation supports program activities and staff to:

  • Recruit, train and engage volunteers
  • Help crime victims, offenders, community or organizations to explore alternatives to justice
  • Prepare and interview circle participants
  • Prepare and facilitate conferences
  • Help offenders understand the impact of their choices
  • Facilitate circles
  • Provide housing and programs for people coming out of incarceration/treatment programs

Give Online

Choose a one time donation or set up a recurring monthly payment that you
can change at any time!

Give offline

Mail a check payable to You Have The Power to 1360 University Ave. #104-420, St. Paul MN 55104

Many companies offer to match the charitable donations given by their employees and members. Please check with your employer to make your gift make a bigger difference in your community.

All donations are tax-deductible and directly benefit You Have The Power clients.