Family & Intervention Circles

circleprocessSometimes family members make mistakes, bad choices or hurt themselves  which causes conflict or crisis within a family. Family Conferencing brings together all the family members that are impacted by the actions of a loved one, give them a voice, hold the loved one accountable, and give them space to decide how to repair the harm. We specialize in drug interventions and family support.

Conferencing Process:
  1. Intake – a phone conversation to determine needs.
  2. Orientation – a meeting to discuss the VOD process, set expectations, determine eligibility, and answer questions.
  3. Preparation – each party will meet with the facilitator to discuss concerns, harm, expectations and proper accountability where applicable. These meetings will continue until everyone is ready and agrees to meet face-to-face.
  4. Conference process:
    • Introductions – of people, guidelines and overview of the process
    • Discussion of the impact – the person(s) who caused the harm will tell their story and take responsibility of their actions. Victims, supporters, and community members will tell how the behavior impacted them.
    • Repairing the harm – the entire group will discuss how the harm needs to be repaired to achieve justice for the victim(s) through an agreement. The agreement may include restitution, community service, counseling, legal, social services, or education. The decision about how to repair the harm is achieved through consensus by the entire group.
    • Closing – final thoughts and agreements are made
  5. Post Conference – a meeting to discuss the completion of the agreement.

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