When crime or wrongdoings happen harm occurs to the victim and the community. In the criminal justice system we focus on the harms done to the state and ask what laws were violated. With You Have The Power we focus on the victim to help you find the appropriate restorative resolution to gain peace, justice and healing from the emotional and psychological harm that occurred. This could be accomplished through mediation, conferencing, or a variety of circles.

We will walk you through our 5 step process:

  1. Who has been hurt?
  2. What are your needs?
  3. What is justice for you?
  4. Whose responsibilities are these?
  5. Who has a stake in the situation?

We specialize in sensitive and complex cases but our services aren’t just for criminal activities. Restorative Justice practices have broaden to include any conflict or harm that people experience. We use the same principles to help companies, families and communities resolve their conflict.

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