vodcircleA conference is an opportunity for a victim of a crime or wrongdoing to meet with the offender in a safe environment. They engage in a conversation to discuss the impact of the crime/harm, have questions answered and potentially heal while the offender can take responsibility for their actions, and if appropriate, can agree to consequences. The process is facilitated by a trained facilitator and requires intensive preparation of both victim and offender before everyone can meet.  We specialize in sensitive and complex cases.

Conference Process:
  1. Intake – a phone conversation to determine needs.
  2. Orientation – a meeting to discuss the process, set expectations, determine eligibility, and answer questions.
  3. Preparation – each party will meet with the facilitator to discuss concerns, harm, expectations and proper accountability where applicable. These meetings will continue until everyone is ready and agrees to meet face-to-face.
  4. Dialogue – each party, and their supporters, will meet to discuss the impact of the harm and have questions answered. The discussion will continue until both parties are satisfied and in agreement to end the dialogue. In some cases additional dialogues may be necessary to gain closure.

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